Steps to Create an Angular App

Simplified steps

Certainly! Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide to help you create a Google Angular web application:

Install Node.js:

  • Angular requires Node.js. Download and install the latest version from Node.js website.

Install Angular CLI:

  • Open a terminal or command prompt and run:
npm install -g @angular/cli

Create a new Angular project:

  • Run the following command to generate a new Angular project:
ng new your-app-name

Navigate to the project directory:

  • Change into the newly created project folder:
cd your-app-name

Serve the application:

  • Start the development server to see your app in action:
ng serve

Open the app in a browser:

Explore and modify:

  • Use your preferred code editor to explore the project files located in the src folder.
  • Make changes to the files, and the development server will automatically update the app in the browser.

Create components:

  • Generate new components using the CLI:
ng generate component component-name

Build your app:

  • When you’re ready to deploy, build your app using:
ng build

The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory.

How to create a blog website with WordPress

Well this article is for those who like to try new things and always ready to learn new things. As part of knowledge sharing we will frequently share all helpful articles that will make it easy for anyone to go along with technology and put to use easily.

Now, a little overview before the actual steps.  i assume that you already know about webservers, webhosting and domain names.

OBJECTIVE: Create a self-hosted blog website using WORDPRESS Content Management Software.

Prerequisite:given below si the list of things that you need to have before starting installing wordpress.

  1. You have a domain name registered already.( If not then you may contact Fozzy. they offer best services at reasonable price).
  2. You have webspace available for hosting the website.(If not then again Fozzy is a good option. you will get an additional 10% discount if you mention the Coupon Code ADMIN10)200x80_color_orange

Step1: First thing first , Go to and Download the latest version of WordPress.


Step2:  Use a FTP client or use Browser to visit your WEB HOSTING Provider website. here is how it looks like after that you login to CPANEL

Cpanel File manager

Step3: Click the MqSQL DATABASES icon in Cpanel to open the database create page. provide a name to your database and create a user for the same.

keep a note of the database name and database username. the same will be used in the next steps.

Step4. Upload the wordpress archive file to the server and Extract it to www folder.( this is the folder in which all the files for your website reside). after extracting the files the folder will look something like this.

Cpanel File Manager www

Step5: Now use browser to open the domain name. eg: you will now be greeted with default setup message like this. All you have to do now is to follow the setup wizard.

Wordpress setup 1 Wordpress setup 2 Wordpress setup 3 Wordpress setup 4 Wordpress setup 5  Wordpress setup 6

At this point our installation is now complete and we are ready to rock and roll with our newly installed BLOG!! now without waiting anytime login into wordpress with the username and password provided in the previous steps and start blogging!

Your admin panel is at:

and your website is at :

Wordpress setup 7

This is the default first post that you will be see, you may choose to edit of create a fresh new post. I recommend that you check the admin back end for various options to customize your blog. visit often to keep yourselfWordpress setup 8

Done! i hope this will help people setup their own blog easily. do contact us if you need and professional help.

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