Hello world!

Welcome to AdMISTER.IN Blog. i am Jagmohan, founder and AdMISTER behind AdMISTER.IN Studios. Read more about me here.  I welcome you all to my digital journey at AdMISTER.IN Studios.

I am like Jack of All and Master of Many. If i have to tag the things i know or love to work on, then then it would be like:

#music, #programming, #customersupport, #leadingtheway, #teamwork, #selfmotivation, #humanbehaviour, #customerexperience, #teammotivation.

My Ultimate Vision is to help mankind! (its a big statement i know!) i believe and will work to ensure that.

Technology should lead to way to humanity and equality!

My vision with AdMISTER.IN STUDIOS is to help people realise their technology requirement as i believe that

“Technology is for all, Unconditionally! “

Contact me with your brightest ideas on making a difference to the world around us.!!

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Admister Studios